EyeDrop - Easily Find Swatches From Websites & Pictures


EyeDrop - Easily Find Swatches From Websites & Pictures

Ever liked the colour scheme of a website or photo? EyeDrop enables you to find out the colours used in them which can then be used as Photoshop swatches.

Of course it's a lot using Photoshop's own colour selection tool. But this iPhone app allows you to do it on the move and a lot quicker.

You simply type in a URL of a website or use a picture from your photo library and it'll put all the colours into swatches. You can then drag and drop these swatches to make a selection of colours. These colours can then either be emailed as HTML or ASE. But one of the most useful features is that you can directly send them to Photoshop if you have CS5 and above. Since CS5 Adobe implemented wireless connectivity, it's very useful.