Developer Brings Android Photo Sphere Viewer to Web Before Official Release

An independent developer has today released his latest project, a universal viewer for Android Photo Sphere images that can be used anywhere on the Web. Until now, the viewer has only been accessible on Google+, but the hacked together version by developer, Joe Simpson, provides a robust way for this technology to be used on any website which implements the short piece of code he has crafted.

The project is sure to open up this new technology due to feature on the new flagship Android device by LG, the Nexus 4, when it is released on the 23rd of November, to a wider audience. This is one of the main features of the updated version of Android on the device, Jelly Bean 4.2, alongside  multiple tablet users, quick settings, a better keyboard with Swype-like technology and improvements to Google Now.

What’re you waiting for? Head over to the GitHub page of the project now and try it out!