Vizio's All In One PC's Are Absolutely Beautiful


Vizio's All In One PC's Are Absolutely Beautiful

Want an iMac alternative? Vizio easily have one of the best looking all-in-one PC's available. They announced these machines earlier in the year but only now have they put the prices for them up.

There are quite a few variations of the machines, you can choose from either 24-inch or 27-inch versions. And you can choose to either have a touchscreen capability, which of course costs a little more. Prices range from $899 to $1539 so they are very competitive compared to Apple's line but they definitely aren't cheap.

With each all-in-one you get Windows 8, a 2.1 sound system, remote control, wireless keyboard and trackpad. You also get two HDMI ports so you can connect other devices up to the display, such as a games console or blu-ray player - something which I've seen no other manufacturer do. So you can essentially use it as a TV too.

You can get more info and pricing over at the Vizio site.

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