HTML & CSS Book by Jon Duckett


HTML & CSS Book by Jon Duckett

I've heard many good things about the HTML & CSS book by Jon Duckett, and with it being only £12 I thought I may as well purchase a copy for myself.

However I don't think I'll be ordering a book from Amazon again, the outside of the book wasn't in great condition, and seemed to have faint marks on it (you can see them near the top in the picture above). These marks are clearly from where the book hasn't been handled properly. Thankfully the rest of the book was fine though.

Obviously with it being a book and with it being part of Jon's living, I don't want to give too much away.

First of all, the book isn't really a proper book, it's more like a guide - which is a good thing. Because I didn't want to read huge pages of text, I wanted something really concise and to the point, this book achieves that. Most of the book is split into small blocks, helps you process the information better instead of being flooded with information.

HTML & CSS Book by Jon Duckett

Everything is colour coded in the book. Brown pages like the one above are usually explanations of main processes. They're very useful for getting an understanding of something.

HTML & CSS Book by Jon Duckett

Throughout the book you'll be presented with demo pages like the one above. It'll show you a computer with a web page, then it'll show you the code of how that page was created. They usually come at the end of a chapter or topic and are great for demonstrating what is required to show an example like the one shown on the computer.

HTML & CSS Book by Jon Duckett

How Reading Improved My Design Work

At the very end of each chapter you'll be presented with summary pages like the ones above. The blue ones are for HTML and the pink ones are for CSS. They simply go through what you've gone through in the last chapter, listing all the main points you should have learned.

Overall the book is brilliant for people who have never even touched HTML or CSS. It'll teach you everything to do with HTML and CSS, it'll also teach you a little HTML5 and CSS3 along the way. It's perfect for beginners or even people who need to learn it from scratch like me. Because I never learned HTML and CSS from scratch and just picked things up along the way, I knew I had to learn it from scratch.

This book will not make you an expert though. To get good at HTML and CSS it takes practice. Creating your own websites and playing around with code. Once you've read this book I highly recommend heading over to Codecademy where you can actually play around with HTML and CSS, applying your knowledge to real world scenarios.

You can find out more about the book over at its official website -

If you have any questions about the book, please do ask.