GoPro Hero 3

GoPro has now become one of the household names when it comes to reasonably priced action cameras. Even if you haven’t heard of GoPro before, you’ve most probably seen footage shot with it on YouTube without realising.

They have now launched Hero 3, their latest line and most up to date line of GoPro cameras.

There are three models in the range, the White Edition ($199.99), the Silver Edition ($299.99) and the Black Edition ($399.99).

All three models now include WiFi built in and have their own dedicated app which means you’ll be able to wirelessly control the cameras with your Android or iOS device. Of course all models have the standard water proofing, rechargeable batteries and mounting equipment.

There isn’t too much difference between the White and Silver edition. They both have the same recording abilities, but the Silver Edition has an 11MP camera which is capable of 10fps in burst mode, while the White Edition only has a 5MP camera capable of 3fps in burst mode.

The big boy here though is the Black Edition which is capable of shooting in 4K, which is pretty awesome for such a small device. There is a catch though, you only get 12fps recording in 4K. But you do get 30fps in 2.7K which is still very good. The Black Edition also comes with it’s own WiFi remote and has better low light performance.

GoPro Hero 3

Just make sure to check out the video below which was completely shot with the Black Edition. It’s amazing.

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