Billable – A Simple & Minimal Invoicing App For Freelancers

Us freelancers love to keep everything simple and quick right? Invoicing is one of the things we all have to do, whether we like it or not.

Thankfully Billable is here to help to make the process a whole lot easier. It was built by two freelancers who were frustrated at how there is no simple invoicing service out there.

It’s a completely free service which is currently in BETA stage. The two freelancers behind it are working to add more and more features as they are requested. They’ve got a lot of plans for the future to make it one of the best services possible.

The service doesn’t require to create an account, the homepage is the service. You can start editing and inputting right away. Once done, you can simply print it, save it or download it as PDF.

It’s actually highly useful and I’m sure will be for most freelancers out there.

Some features which should be coming soon include the ability to insert your own logo and personalised accounts.


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