AppFlow - An Absolutely Stunning Discovery App


AppFlow - An Absolutely Stunning Discovery App

Let me just say right away, this is one of the most stunning apps I have ever used on the iPhone.

I've covered discovery apps before but this has by far got to be one of the best. This app basically lets you discover other great iOS apps in style, it kind of reminds me of Flipboard with the tiles.

As soon as you start up the app you're given a homescreen which has lovely UI animations telling you what to do. As you start using the app you are given very useful short and concise tips telling you what each part of the app does - more apps need to do this instead of just leaving you stranded making you work out what you need to do.

You can choose your favourite types of apps based on your preferences, it'll then recommend those types of apps to you. You can also create your own lists of apps which you can sure - this will require you creating account which can be easily done through signing in via Facebook or Twitter.

I highly recommend trying this app even if you're not interested in finding other apps. Other app developers can learn from this app massively with the way the animations work and how well the content loads and flows around the screen.