What If Windows Looked Like This | UI Concept

Windows as we all know is the most popular operating system in the world. It has also always looked great with every iteration that comes out.

However Dribbble member Phyek thinks Windows could look even better and came up with this absolutely stunning concept of what he would want for it to look like.

With Windows adopting the Metro UI in its mobile and desktop versions of the OS, the latest desktop OS, Windows 8, hasn’t actually become fully Metro yet. Windows 8 still seems to adopt a lot of the style cues from Windows 7 and Windows Vista – the glass and reflections are everywhere.

I myself have never been a fan of glossy UI’s, iOS’ default look is glossy and I find it disgusting – thankfully jailbreaking changes that all.

Anyway moving on, this concept by Phyek takes the look of Metro and adapts it everywhere – giving a beautiful sense of cleanliness, minimalism and organisation.

The windows are now square and have simple white background. The icons used are basic and to the point. The text is clean and large – making typography a large part of the UI. It makes the whole thing just looks absolutely stunning.

Only if Windows actually used this sort of UI – I’d drop OS X in a heart beat and jump back on to Windows.

High res version

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