Watch TV on Android or iPhone With EyeTV from Elgato


Watch TV on Android or iPhone With EyeTV from Elgato

Ever wanted to watch live TV on your Android device or iPhone? Elgato has you covered with the EyeTV.

EyeTV Mobile has been available for the iPhone and iPad for a short while now and allows you to watch TV on your iDevices by just connecting a small antenna in the 30pin connector.

Watch TV on Android and iPhone

Elgato have now announced the EyeTV Micro which now works with Android devices which have MicroUSB ports. However there are some other requirements for it to work on Android devices. You need to have a dual-core CPU and be running Android 4.0.3 or upwards.

EyeTV Mobile and EyeTV Micro both come with an array of neat features. You can pause, rewind and record live TV. View up to 7 days of detailed program guide. It also does not require an internet connection which is even better!

Elgato also kindly provides USB cables with them so you can also hook it up to your computer and watch live TV on there.

EyeTV Mobile will cost £89.95 and is out now. While the EyeTV Micro will cost £54.95 and should be available some time this month.