Twitter Updates Profile Design - Updates All Apps Too


How To Get The New Twitter Layout

Twitter has just announced some small but notable changes to the way profiles are displayed. Twitter profiles look fairly similar to before but now you can upload a header picture - just like how you can have a cover on Facebook. But your avatar, bio, location and website link appear over the header picture, so it's a good idea to have a background where the text will still be easily readable.

This new design won't just be on the desktop version of the site though, it'll go across Twitter's official mobile site and all official mobile apps too.

How To Change/Apply Header Picture

  1. Head here first -
  2. Scroll down the page a little and you'll see a "Customise your own" section.
  3. Then click on "Change Header".
  4. You can then simply upload any picture you like but it has to have minimum dimensions of 1252x626 - so high resolution images are best.

Twitter for iPad Update

Twitter unfortunately hasn't been paying much attention to its iPad app, it seems to have left it in the dark - until now.

Twitter for iPad

Both the iPhone and Android version of the Twitter apps have been updated, but the iPad has got the biggest update. The interface has changed a little, it keeps the two column design as before but you now get four tabs - those being Home, Connect, Discover and Me. So the update at last brings the Connect and Discover features over to the iPad. The app also seems to be a lot quicker, I don't know if that's because the animations are quicker or if it is just actually faster.

You also now get the iconic blue Twitter bar across the top, like in the iPhone and Android version. On the right of the blue bar you get the search icon and new tweet icon - which cleans up the interface a little.

You may notice also that the settings tab and changing profile buttons have disappeared. You can still access those but you have to go to the Me tab - in there you will find the settings icon and the ability to add/change Twitter accounts.

People may say that Twitter is copying Facebook here with the cover photos. But then who doesn't copy each other - Facebook copied the idea of following someone but called it "Subscribe". I think this is a good step forward for Twitter. It'll put them ahead of the competing third party apps which most probably won't be allowed to adopt the header pictures. The iPad update was also very much needed, considering apps like Tweetbot which blew the old Twitter app out of the water.

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