Monetize Your Blog: Make Money From The Comments Section On Your Site


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As the web evolves there are more and more ways coming out to make money from websites. Blogs are one of the most dominant types of sites out there and everybody loves to usually make money from their blog.

There is now a way to make money from the comments section of your blog, thanks to Disqus.

Disqus is a commenting system which has become hugely popular, running on many major websites. It's been on a roll recently, bringing out tons of new updates and recreating itself for 2012.

Disqus Discovery Box

Recently it launched the Discovery Box which comes right under the comments section. In this section visitors are able to find other posts across your site and essentially discover new content which they may not have read before.

Disqus found that the Discovery Box was a success and worked very well. Here's some statistics to back it up, taken directly from their blog:

  • Of the sites we surveyed, Disqus consistently made its way into the list of top traffic referrers. One site even saw Disqus in its Top 10, even though the Discovery box was only turned on for a small portion of its readers.
  • Another site saw 2.8 pageviews per visit from traffic referred by Disqus, compared to the site’s average of 1.6 pageviews per visit. This same site saw the average time spent of 9 minutes 30 seconds from Disqus traffic, compared to the site’s average of 3 minute 45 seconds.
  • Similarly, another site saw 4.6 pageviews per visit through Disqus traffic (versus 2.75 pageviews) and an average duration of 5 minutes 45 seconds(versus 2 minutes 30 seconds).
  • And a favorite example: from Disqus-referred traffic, a site is seeing an average time spent of 11 minutes (!) and 5.6 pageviews per visit.

So as you can see the Discovery Box works and drives more traffic and brings up the pageviews.

Promoted Discovery

Because of this, Disqus have now launched "Promoted Discovery". This allows other sites to now buy placements in the Discovery Box, and for blogs to make money from every click out to another site. The above screenshot shows how it works. You have your content on the left, then other content from other sites on the right.

You can of course control the settings for what shows up in the Promoted Discovery section through the Disqus admin panel.

This new feature isn't out for everyone yet though, only some people have been invited to use it. So if you have Disqus have a look at your admin panel and see if you have access to this new feature, then you'll be on your way to make some more money from your blog.