Leica M – $7000 Full Frame Sensor Camera

If you’re even remotely into photography, you’ll know of Leica. The brand is at the top in terms of luxury cameras. All their cameras are priced in a way to make them really exclusive – only the rich are able to afford them.

The Leica M is a new rangefinder from Leica, which is the successor to the M9. It’s made mainly from brass and magnesium and the traditional retro Leica design is still there. It has a new 24-megapixel 35mm CMOS sensor, an ultra quick Maestro image processor, LiveView functionality, a larger 3-inch display on the back which is protected by Gorilla Glass, can record up to 1080p and is compatible with the M and R range of lenses Leica offers.

They’re expected to ship early next year so you better have a few thousand dollars just lying around.

Leica M

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