Google Maps Android Updated In Time For iOS6


Google Maps Android Updated In Time For iOS6

iOS6 was released just yesterday and one of the most significant changes was the removal of Google Maps for Apple's own mapping app. At the same time, Google was rolling out an update for Google Maps on Android devices in an effort to match the quality of  iOS Maps. Little did Google know that iOS maps would be such a shambles and Google Maps has no trouble blowing it out of the water.

The listed new features are

  1. Access your desktop and mobile search history through My Places.
  2. Single-handed zoom; double tap, then hold down your finger and slide to zoom.

Personally I thought Google Maps already synced search results across devices, apparently not. Regardless, this update will improve syncing across all your devices, so the foreign hotel you searched for on your desktop will be ready waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

Single Handed Zoom is difficult to get used to, but very useful. Zooming out has always been a problem with one hand. The common gesture to zoom in, pinch-to-zoom, requires two hands; one to hold the device and another pinch. Of course you can double tap, but that gives no way to zoom back out again. Google Maps on Android now offers a single handed method to zoom in and out with ease, especially useful on larger devices. Double tap the map location where you want to zoom (in the usual way), but hold down your thumb on the second tap. Now simply move your thumb up and down to zoom in and out respectively.

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