The Best Way To Liveblog on WordPress | Plugin

Automattic, the people who make WordPress, have released a new plugin which is much-needed for any news site. They have created a liveblog plugin.

Liveblogs have now become an essential part of any news site covering a live event and it’s a brilliant way to get lots of little bits information, out to lots of people, as quickly as possible.

It comes just in time for the iPhone 5 event which is being held on the 12th of September.

[wpvideo tWpw6nCt]

The plugin allows you to post updates right from the front-end of your site (no need to go into the dashboard), viewers get updated instantly as you update the liveblog (no need for them to refresh the page), drag-and-drop images right into the liveblog area, and there is no need to create a separate site for a liveblog – you can turn any post into a liveblog, even existing ones.

You know when a plugin has come from the makers of WordPress that it’ll be the best. So forget having to use any other liveblog plugins and paying for a liveblog service, just get yourself this one.

Cycle through the screenshots to see examples of how it works.

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