Are These The New Apple Headphones?


Are These The New Apple Headphones?

Every single set of Apple headphones which comes with their iPod's and iPhone's are appalling, we all know it. They fall apart after some use and the sound quality is just  horrendous. It's shocking how such a "magical" and "revolutionary" company doesn't give such "magical" and "revolutionary" headphones with their products.

But are they changing their ways now? A new set of headphones have been leaked by Tinhte, a Vietnamese website which has been known for its credible leaks in the past. These new headphones are apparently going to be shipped with the iPhone 5.

They're now designed to go right into your ear canal so they can channel the sound in without much leakage. They of course have the iconic white colour which Apple are known for. The design of them, down to the colour of the wire, the connector and the little overlaps from the headphone piece to the wire are very Apple-like. The wire also has the "Designed by Apple in California" tag like all their products.

These do look legit but like every other rumour, take it with a pinch of salt. You can easily replicate these headphones and then just say they're from Apple.