Stunning Minimalistic Google Chrome Redesign

Many of you guys enjoyed the beautiful redesign of Google’s Products, it was one of the most popular posts here on UltraLinx. Now here’s another absolutely stunning redesign of one of Google’s products.

Pawel Durczok loved Google’s Chrome web browser. It’s undeniable that the browser is just amazing to use and is the most used web browser in the world right now, and to think it only just shy of 4 years ago. Pawel though didn’t like the look of Chrome. Google are all about minimalism and simplicity right? Well he’s taken that concept and applied it to a redesign he’s created himself.

This redesign has a very minimal and simple look which makes Chrome’s current look look outdated. If you keep up with Microsoft and their Metro UI, you’ll know doubt see some Metro influence here. With the big bold colours and thin typography.

Sorry there are no high resolution images, the creator did not upload any.

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