Minimal Mail App To Make Using Email Better

Everything in technology seems to be advancing and being reinvented, but how come email hasn’t? It’s one of the most oldest forms of communication on the internet but no one has tried to reinvent it. Really it doesn’t need reinventing, it needs reapplying. Which is what Gmail and Outlook have been doing, they’ve taken email and re-applied it to make it easier and better looking. But unfortunately because they’re free ads are placed around them, cluttering the user interface. This can be justified because we’re not being charged to use the services.

Sparrow recently came along and re-applied email into apps. This is no new idea, but Sparrow somehow made it better. It was an expensive app compared to others but that wasn’t the point, Sparrow was easy to use and looked beautiful – it made email great. Unfortunately Sparrow was very recently acquired by Google and the apps have now stopped development which is very unfortunate.

Now there seems to be no great service which re-applies email so Tobias van Schneider came up with his own. He has come up with an email app which is very minimalistic and focuses on user experience, making everything as easy as possible.

The interface is completely clutter free so you can concentrate on the content in the emails. Typography is also a main focus in the design to make everything easier to read. Adding white space wherever needed to create a sense of cleanliness.

One of the first features Tobias added was action-steps. These action steps appear over an email when you hover over one. These action-steps allow you to choose functions such as sorting priority of the email and marking as read.

The main point of these action-steps was to sort emails by importance. We get emails constantly and usually 95% of it isn’t very important at all. By using the action-steps to highlight your most important emails you’ll remember to know which ones need actions to be taken on.

There still isn’t an ideal way of handling attachments in emails yet. This app wants to solve this problem by having a whole section of all the attachments which are connected to your emails. You’ll be able to get a preview of the file, what type of file it is, when it was received and who you got it from of course – making finding attachments a hell of a lot easier than usual.

Gmail, Outlook and others have done quite a good job of making emails a bit more personal with the ability to add avatar pictures to your emails, but that’s as far as it goes in terms of being personal and social. This new app wants to make emails a bit more social so you can easily connect to a persons Twitter or Facebook. You then don’t have to keep looking at the sender email to work out who it is.

This new app is being called “DotMail”. It’s currently under development after much request from the concepts above. Obviously the final product will most likely have some differences and may have even more features added. If you’d like to be one of the first to find out when the app will be released sign up here.

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