Cowon X9 – A Beautifully Minimal Music & Video Player

Cowon are easily one of the most underrated companies out there, yet they produce some of the most beautiful products. They’re mainly known for their entertainment devices and the X9 is a very good example of what they can produce.

The Cowon X9 only recently started shipping and competes very well against other related products. You can pick a 16GB version up for £159 from Amazon, very well priced.

But the price isn’t what I we should be focusing on here, it’s the hardware and design – it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s been kept as minimal as possible, sure it’s thicker than some other related products like the iPod Touch but the shape, curves and straight lines make it look really minimalistic. It has only a few buttons which are placed around the side of the device, mainly the volume and sleep/wake button. The screen itself is touchscreen.

A very cool thing which Cowon have done with the packaging is that it is reusable. You can use the packaging as a dock and a little tray for stationary or a set of headphones – not anything amazing, but cool. It’s all about the little things.

Specs include a monstrous 110 hours of music playback (hence the thickness for the large battery), 4.3-inch display, MicroSD card slot and TV output. This is purely made for the music enthusiast who needs a great battery life and enough storage for the huge music collection.

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