Never Use Black in Design

I remember when I first got into design a few years back I used to use black all the time. I used to think it was “the” colour, the cool colour, the colour which would give off a dark and classy look.

Since then though my design skills have evolved and I’ve nearly completely stopped using black. The reason for this is that black isn’t a real colour. Nothing ever is actually ever pure black.

I naturally grew out of using black realising that it was actually way too strong and contrasting. There’s something so unnatural about it. Pure black just isn’t a colour you see everyday, we usually see dark versions of a colour, whether it be blue, green, red or any colour.

A post which supported mine and others opinion on black made me realise how unnatural black really is. Check it out here, written by Ian Strom Taylor.

I never even realised properly how I stopped using black and moved over to dark greys and dark shades of other colours. I now don’t use black anywhere on this site if you’ve noticed. My header and fonts are all shades of grey, never pure black. I naturally moved to this colour without even properly thinking about it.

Next time you go into an app by a major company or developer, notice how they rarely ever use black (unless it’s for a font). They always use dark shades of other colours. This goes for Twitter, Facebook, Tweetbot and many others.

So remember, never use black.

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