Video Camera Stabiliser for All Types of Camera - Picosteady


The biggest problems with video cameras is that they don't usually have great video stabilisation. Sure you can buy rigs to make footage smoother but they're way too expensive for the amateur movie maker who just makes video for fun.

Video Camera Stabiliser for All Types of Camera - Picosteady

So two brothers who are also engineers, from the US, have come together to make a small, portable and cheap video camera stabiliser.

This neat bit of equipment has been made to make video camera footage from devices like a phone, point-and-shoot, Micro Four Thirds and DSLR's a lot more stable and smoother.

I won't go into too much of how it works but put simply, it uses weights and smooth ball joints to keep the footage flowing smoothly.

It only ways 180g, which is only 40g more than an iPhone so it is lightweight and is made to be. Also with it being a lot smaller than your average rigs, it's a lot more portable and not so intimidating.

It's made from high quality materials such as aluminium and solid brass to ensure it's built to last.

The project is on Kickstarter and only needs a goal of $15,025 to get the go ahead which is a lot lower than the projects you hear which get millions.


Check out the footage below to see how smooth it.