NOW TV - All You Need To Know


NOW TV - All You Need To Know

With services like Netflix and LoveFilm blowing up and acquiring many customers, TV providers are playing catch up. LoveFilm and Netflix are hugely popular, especially in the UK and US and it's because they provide on-demand movies and TV shows. SKY has realised this and has now released its own on-demand service called NOW TV.

What Do You Get?

NOW TV is SKY's offering of on-demand movies. And great movies at that. When looking through the catalogue they actually provide a huge amount of recent and popular movies, more than Netflix or LoveFilm. But to watch even newer movies you will have to use their pay-and-play service, which range in prices from 99p - £3.49, and you get very new movies which have only been released in the last few months. This already puts it a huge step ahead of Netflix and LoveFilm.

However at the moment you can only watch anything on your PC or Mac. Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android PS3 and Xbox are coming. So you'll be able to watch content on the go and on your TV through PS3 or XBOX.


One thing where NOW TV isn't as good as is at the price. The monthly subscription costs £15 a month, a lot higher than the rates which Netflix and LoveFilm offer. And if you were to use the pay-and-play service too you'll build up quite a bill by the end of the month.

Like Netflix and LoveFilm though, NOW TV is offering a 30 day free trial period where you can try out the service as much as you like. Once its up you'll be charged £15 a month there afterwards.

Should You Get It?

Yes you definitely should, for the 30 free trial anyway. Make most of the 30 day free trial and find out whether it's worth your money or not. If you've used Netflix and LoveFilm too then you'll easily be able to come to a final decision. If you haven't used those services, try the 30 day free trial.

Whether this is worth your money or not, trying it out is the only way you'll be able to decide.