Pulp - Beautiful RSS Reader for Mac


Pulp - Beautiful RSS Reader for Mac

Pulp is another beautifully designed app for Mac, as well as the iPad. It's an RSS reader to which you can add all your favourite feeds and monitor them from one app.

It definitely isn't for everyone because if you're on a computer you can just go straight to those websites and use other free services like Feedly. But if you're looking for a native app for your Mac, Pulp is the way to go.

It's been beautifully crafted and has also recently been updated for the retina display on Macbook Pro's.

A feature I like most is that you can customise feeds to look different depending on their content. So for photo blogs you can just have large thumbnails showing, for sites which are more text based you can customise it to show snippets of that text. It's a great way to organise content and can be a great way to inspire yourself while at the same time keeping up with the latest headlines.

Of course, read it later services are integrated such as Instapaper. Like most advanced RSS readers, you can search for your favourite feeds, instead of having to manually find and add the URL. You can share your favourite articles straight to Twitter and Facebook.

With the latest update the developers behind the app have implemented iCloud. So you can now have all your feeds synced across all your Mac's and your iPad.

Pulp for Mac