Why Facebook Integration In Your Site Is Vital


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I've found many sites either ignore or don't make the most of Facebook for their websites or blogs. Facebook is a market of nearly 1 billion people. That's the biggest market on the internet which is completely free for anyone to access. But many don't seem to realise that.

Sure your site won't relate to all those people, but it might relate to a few million.

Facebook is one of the biggest traffic drivers to UltraLinx and the UltraLinx fan page is the most popular social medium for this site. Facebook actually comes second, just behind search, on referrers to UltraLinx, so it is essentially the biggest traffic driver when if you were to ignore search.

It's so easy for something to go viral on Facebook. And this is because whenever a Facebooker "likes" something or "shares" something on your site, it goes out to all their friends and subscribers. If the title and thumbnail of that link is enticing enough, a lot of their friends will click on it. Even if it's not that enticing, someone will click on it.

A lot of sites and apps now use Facebook integration very deeply because they know it works. It makes things like signing into a site or app a lot easier because you don't have to type out an email, username, password or anything like that. It'll also import data like your name, date of birth and profile pic for you, making the sign-up process a lot quicker.

Massive news sites like the Guardian and the Telegraph use OpenGraph. This is when a Facebooker will read an article on one of their sites and it'll automatically share that article on their Facebook profile. So the Facebooker doesn't even have to like or share the article, it's an automated process. This does require some coding and can be complicated, it's why only huge news sites use the service.

However if you own a normal blog or website, like UltraLinx you can implement some great Facebook features which can help you drive more traffic and build a bigger fan base. You'll naturally grow a bigger audience then because you're not forcing the content down a persons throat, they're naturally clicking on links to your site because they genuinely find it interesting.

1. Make sure to have a Facebook fan page for your site or blog. This is a simple and basic step anyone can do.

2. Implement the Facebook like button everywhere. This one is an easy one. You can see I have it implemented on this post, it's floating on the left, and in the right sidebar. The one in the right sidebar is for the fan page. Just a basic step like this can help you build Facebook connections massively. If you use Wordpress you can use a plugin called ShareBar, it makes the process of adding social media buttons to your posts a lot easier.

3. Implement Facebook comments. Because most people have Facebook profiles and will already be logged in, they can comment right away. When they post a comment, by default it'll be posted on their profile too, so their friends will see it. When someone replies or likes the person's comment, that person will get a notification, and will be made to go back to your site. It's a great way to get people coming back to your site.

4. If you have Wordpress, which I'm sure most of you do, install the official Facebook plugin. It makes everything above a lot easier. It'll also let you install that Recommendations box you can see on the bottom right.

Doing simple things like can easily boost your traffic. Because of Facebook integration UltraLinx has been able to build a fan base and a place where they can access content and interact with it a lot easier than before.