Have You Ever Been Cyberbullied? | Infographic

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I'm sure everyone on the internet has been cyberbullied at some point, however old you are. If it was offensive to you or not, totally depends on you, but someone has said something nasty to you or about you online at some point. When you're a teenager or younger, cyberbullying is a lot more effective, if that even makes sense. You take things more seriously and will get upset from even the littlest things.

So it's very important you do anything you can to ignore cyber bullies and not take their shit seriously, because they're just sitting behind a screen and making themselves look big when they're really not.

If cyber bullying is affecting you heavily, here are some tips to get around:

- Tell someone about it, friends and family are usually always willing to help.
- Block, block, block. That's the beauty about the internet, you can easily block people.
- Ignore them. Unless they have personal info about you like where you live, where you work or where your family lives, they usually aren't that much of a threat. If they have personal info on you and threaten you it's time to call the police.
- Relating to the one above, never put any personal info online. Things like your address should never be put out publicly online.
- Social networks allow you to also report people. It's a great way to keep someone who's very offensive off a site.

Have You Ever Been Cyberbullied? | Infographic