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Call Of Duty Online Announced; Only Coming To China

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Call Of Duty Online Announced; Only Coming To China

A free to play Call of Duty title is in fact being developed as we speak, however, I don't think we'll be able to play it anytime soon. This morning, Activision Blizzard announced Call of Duty Online; a free to play Call of Duty title. They've been developing the game for about two years and it will be released solely in China.

This is probably due to the multi-year agreement that Activision Blizzard and leading internet service provider in China, Tencent Holdings Limited have written up. With the contract, Tencent has has the exclusive license to operate Call of Duty Online in mainland China.

Call of Duty Online will come with an online store that's promising never before seen customization in a Call of Duty title. The ability to customize your weapons, characters, and equipment is all apart of this new model that Activision Blizzard is pushing to bring the Chinese market in.

Call Of Duty Online Announced; Only Coming To China

Call of Duty Online is going to be completely catered to the Chinese market with the inclusion of an online store that has weapons, gear, and perks specifically tailored for them. I don't exactly know what that means, but I'm assuming they're discussing different weapon types and locales? We'll know more about that later this year I'm sure.

An original story is also being implemented through a series of Spec. Ops missions based in the same universe of Call of Duty. So perhaps, they'll just be different perspectives of the same events that occurred in the past games. It'd be cool to see how other parts of the world are affected by the events that take place in the Modern Warfare titles.

Both parties are excited about this new venture, which is always a good sign. Activision's Bobby Kotick believes that China is one of the most exciting places in the world for us to grow our business and to develop innovative new games and believes that Tencent is an ideal partner for Activision.

President of Tencent, Martin Lau, said, "We are thrilled to work with the world's premiere game developer and publisher to bring this much-awaited title to Chinese game players. We believe Call of Duty Online will attract tens of millions of loyal fans in China, and our game platform and operational expertise to run massive multi-player online games can provide strong support to deliver the immersive and highly interactive game experience to game players in China."

I don't know about you, but a massive online multiplayer Call of Duty battle does sound like  lot of fun. Though the thought of being quick scoped about three dozen times in a single match makes me shiver a little bit.

Call Of Duty Online Announced; Only Coming To China