AirDroid – Must Have App For Any Android User

I’ve covered AirDroid before but I think it’s always worthy being covered again, especially after some great updates.

What AirDroid does simply put, is let you control your Android device from any web browser on any Android device. Now what does this mean?

Well a number of things which let you get the most out of your Android device:

  • Wirelessly transfer files between your computer and phone
  • Desktop SMS management which enables you to send messages from your computer in a IM-like interface
  • Organise things like music, photos, messages and call logs a lot easier with the more screen estate you have available on your computer
  • Install apps from your computer on to your Android device

AirDroid lets you do all of these things without any wires whatsoever. As long as your own a personal WiFi network, you can launch the app on your Android device, go to the web interface on your computer, put in the passkey and you’re away.

The app may not sound that useful at first but once you start using it you’ll understand how useful it really is.

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