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How Video Games Are Changing Education | Infographic

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Though primarily used for entertainment, video games can actually teach you a thing or two. I'm not talking about   the games we were forced to play in elementary school either--talking about you Math Blaster and  Little Howie's Tree House either. The games that we play today such as Uncharted, Heavy Rain, and Zelda have all subliminally been teaching us and training us for the every day world.

Online Colleges has put together a nifty infographic showcasing how video games have taught us a lot more than curb stomping creatures that live underground. Without us knowing, we've been improving our critical thinking skills, social interaction, and non-linear thinking patterns just to name a few.

Yes, there are in fact a lot of video games that don't move pass death, high octane firefights, and several other forms of violence. Sure, those are fun to play, but when you parent's inevitably ask you how you can enjoy playing something like this, you're going to have to think of something convincing. Hopefully this infographic will help. (Keep in mind that this is about two years old, so the games used--while great-- are a bit dated)

How Video Games Are Changing Education | Infographic