New Twitter Logo Turns Into Batman

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New Twitter Logo Turns Into Batman

If you didn't know already, Twitter changed their iconic bird logo. The old logo was cute and perky, there was nothing wrong with it, but Twitter didn't think it represented the company like it should have. The new logo has been made to look sharper, with a more minimalist look, and more sharp edges. It also looks as though it's flying upwards, representing the idea of Twitter going up, which it has, massively.

But a Twitter user by the name of Josh Helfferich saw the Twitter logo differently.Update: the logo was created by someone else entirely, here. He simply turned it 90 degrees, added some black and it looks like Batman!

It went viral and has already got over thousands of retweets.

So uh... if you turn the new Twitter logo upside-down, it's Batman.…

— Josh Helfferich (@JoshHelfferich) June 7, 2012

The Twitter logo will never be the same...