Tumblr for iPhone Updated, Caught Up With Android

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Tumblr for iPhone Updated, Caught Up With Android

Tumblr for iPhone has at last been updated, months after it first came to Android. The new version is a complete redesign and is now a lot quicker than the older version.

The devs concentrated on speed heavily and the app is more fluid than ever. I also noticed over 3G, downgraded images load up and become better quality if it feels you have got a strong connection. Many major sites do this now, Facebook does this heavily if you haven't noticed, because images play such a huge role in the interaction of the site.

The dashboard has been simplified adding big buttons for the 6 main types posts you can publish to your Tumblr site.

I'm a huge user of Tumblr and love the quick-blogging service hugely. If you didn't know already I run a highly popular Tumblr site called Linxspiration which has 8,000 followers and growing.

Here is the quick bullet point list Tumblr added to the app store page for the app.

- Sleeker Dashboard
- Easier to tap stuff
- High-res images
- Spotify support
- Improved photosets
- New image viewer
- Tag search
- Radar!
- Notifications live in one place
- New and improved post forms
- Faster (no more waiting for the post to upload!)
- Camera shortcut (swipe the compose button up!)
- Text post shortcut (swipe the compose button left!)
- Offline support (post, like, reply, and reblog even when you’re not connected!)

Tumblr for iOS (& Android)