15 Hidden iPhone Features & Tricks


15 Hidden iPhone Features & Tricks

As with any phone, there are some hidden features and tricks which people don't realise are available at first. Every update that comes with to the iPhone brings some new neat features which may not have been available before.

Here is a list of some hidden features and tricks which you may not have known about.

1. Hard Reset

Sometimes when your iPhone just isn't responding or has frozen you might need to do a hard reset. To do this you have to hold down the "home" button and "sleep/wake" button at the top, at the same time until the phone turns off. This will just turn off the device and turn it back on. Don't worry, everything on your phone will still be there.

2. Screenshots

Many people don't seem to know this one but you can take screenshots of your iPhone. All you have to do is press the "home" button and "sleep/wake" button at the same time. If done correctly you'll see your screen flash and should hear a camera shutter sound.

3. Set location based reminders

The reminders app in iOS 5 has many features which people don't know of. One of them is location based reminders. You can set different locations to activate different reminders. Great way to remind yourself to pick up something before you leave your house.

15 Hidden iPhone Features & Tricks

4. Automatic downloads

A great part of iOS 5 is when you download an app, song or book on one device, you can have it download on all your other iOS devices.

Automatic Downloads

5. Use Volume+ button to take pictures

A feature which most smartphones seem to be lacking these days is a shutter button. The iPhone doesn't have a shutter button but it does let you use the volume+ button as a shutter button. So you can now take more stable pictures.

6. Use your headset to take pictures too!

You can also use your headset to take pics. I've found this not only works with Apple's headphones but works with others which have inline remotes with the volume+ button.

7. Street view in Google maps

Like on your desktop computer, you can use Google Street View right on your iPhone. Just drop the pin on any street and tap on the little orange man icon and you can use Google Street View.

With iOS 6 coming out soon though, this feature might disappear so use it while you can!

Google Maps Street View iPhone

8. Customise alerts

If you're like me and have alerts coming in from all angles, customising those alerts can be great at differentiating between them.
Head over to "Settings" then "Sounds". Scroll down and you can customise alert sounds for various things such as email and text messages.

Customise alerts

9. Double tap home button to bring up music controls

When your phone is asleep or in the lockscreen. You can double tap the home button to bring up music controls on the screen. Now you don't have to unlock your iPhone to access controls to your music.

Lockscreen music controls

10. Change your notifications

Want to get rid of that app which keeps notifying you over every single thing that goes on in it? You can simply turn off the notifications for the app in the settings.
Head over to "Settings" then "Notifications". Once in there you can adjust notification settings for all apps. You can turn them off completely or just have banners. There's an array of ways to customise notifications for each app so you can always stay on top of your most important notifications and get rid of ones you don't need.

Adjust iPhone Notifications

11. Quickly view images you've taken from the camera screen

This feature I hadn't discovered since a few days ago and is pretty cool. When in the camera app, simple swipe from the left edge of the screen to bring up your photo album. It's a great way to look at the image you just took.

Image gallery from Camera app

12. Use Emoji!

Ever wondered how people use those cute emoticons in messages and what not. Well iPhone has a whole keyboard full of them.
You simply tap on that world like icon by the mic/space bar and you'll be presented with lots of cute icons to use in your messages. Be aware that they usually only work between iOS devices like iPhone's and iPad's.

Emoji iPhone

13. Save any image from the web

There is no right-click and save as on iOS but you can save images.
Just find an image, hold down on the image and you'll be presented with the ability to save it to your photo library.

Save images in safari on iOS

14. Organise apps into folders

Many people still don't know that you can organise apps into folders. It allows you to tidy up your homescreen and can enable you to organise apps into categories, making them easier to find.
You just have to hold down on an app, then drag it over another app, it'll then create a folder for you.

Organise apps into folders

15. Define any word

No one is expected to know the meaning of every word in the English language, it's why we have dictionaries. iOS has its own dictionary built in. Just highlight over any word and you'll be given the option to define the word.

Define words

Obviously a lot of you guys will probably know a lot of this but these are aimed at even the most basic iPhone users.

Update: Tips from commenters

  • Shake your iPhone to undo or redo typing.
  • Swiping to the right when viewing the album art of a song will reveal the song list.
  • When viewing a video or listening to a song, using the slider to fast forward or rewind, hold the slider then swipe down, then swipe left or right to make more accurate fast forwarding and rewinding.
  • Instantly scroll to the top of any list by simply tapping the status bar.

Have you got any tips and tricks to share, leave them in the comments below.