Rumored 7 Inch Xbox Tablet Will Stream Xbox LIVE

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Later today, Microsoft is going to announce something major. We don't know what that announcement is going to be about--whether is Xbox related or just something brand new--but recently, signs have been pointing to a new 7 inch surface tablet. Allegedly plans for an Xbox Surface tablet have made their way onto the internet and it suggests that Microsoft will be releasing this along side their new console.

Microsoft has recently partnered with Barnes and Noble and knowing that in combination with the recently announced Xbox SmartGlass in addition to the My Xbox LIVE App just being launched on Android, a tablet is definitely a strong possibility and plays right into the Xbox LIVE streaming support.

What gives this rumor a bit more support is the mention of Microsoft's  Rick Gutierrez who works on the company's research team. The Verge reports that Gutierrez worked on the Kinect for Windows SDK  and the Windows Embedded Compact team. This report is just too coincidental especially with Microsoft's press event begins at 11:00pm GMT London time (3:30pm PST) (just a few short hours away).