The Economics Of Social Gaming | Infographic


I still remember my 1000th Farmville invite. Zynga's game took social gaming by storm and everyone from children as young as six up to grandmothers were talking about their farms and how to make them better. Did any of us really expect this new "social gaming" genre to blow up as much as it did? I know I didn't, but it has and it's quite impressive.

One out of every five Americans over the age of six has played an online social game at least once — that’s 56 million people if you did the math. Zynga, is essentially the king of social gaming and has 232 million monthly players which help the company rake in $600 million in revenue. Mobile gaming publisher, GREE impressed me this year with their booth at E3. Aside from it being incredibly pretty, their games were pretty fun and most of them are free to play too.

Take a gander at this infographic below to get more information on the economics of this exploding genre.

The Economics Of Social Gaming | Infographic