How To Create Tilt Shift Pictures in Photoshop CS6

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How To Create Tilt Shift Pictures in Photoshop CS6

Note: You will need Photoshop CS6 for this.

Selective focusing has become very popular in the photo industry, people seem to love depth of field.

Adobe added three new features which let you select focus points in Photoshop CS6 which makes creating fake depths of field a lot easier. Tilt-shift was one of them.

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How To Create Tilt Shift Pictures in Photoshop

1. First you'll need a suitable image. The best images are those which are from a high point of view. I got any old picture from wallbase.

2. Open up Photoshop CS6 and load your picture.

Photoshop CS6 with loaded sample image

3. Then go to "filter", "blur" and choose "tilt shift".

4. You should then be shown a kind of template which will enable you to select where you want to apply the effect. You can widen it, rotate it and increase/decrease the blur to your liking.

Photoshop CS6 with Tilt Shift template

5. Once your happy with your blur you can then tweak the image. I usually increase brightness, contrast, vibrancy and saturation to increase the "miniature" effect.

Photoshop CS6 - Tilt Shift with effects and overlay

After that you should be done, it's literally as simple as that. Now you'll be able to add fake tilt-shift effects to any of your pictures.