Create Cool Galaxy Like Images On Your iPhone

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Create Cool Galaxy Like Images On Your iPhone

Ever wanted to blend pictures to make them look surreal and out of this world, well there's a sweet iPhone app which enables you to blend any two pictures together.

You can create lots of different blends, but in the tutorial I'll just show how to create a galaxy-like image.

Download Image Blender for iOS

1. First you need to get hold of two suitable pictures. One of a galaxy (just search for one on Google), then a picture you might have taken which has an empty sky.

2. Once you've done that you need to load them both up into Image Blender. Just tap in each little square you see in the corners of the screen.

Both images loaded

3. There is a slider at the bottom which will let you choose which image should show up more. Slide it to your preference.

4. Hit the "Blend" button at the top left.

Choose a blend mode

5. Then sift through the effect which works best and there you have it, you have a simple galaxy like image.

Choose the blending mode that fits well