Griffin Dual Powerdock Review

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Griffin Dual Powerdock Review

Thanks to MobileFun for sending this product out to me for review.

Griffin are known to produce some quality accessories for products ranging from iPhone's to laptops. There Dual Powerdock is the ideal companion to any bedside table to cabinet.

The dock is made for all three generations of iPad and all generations of the iPhone. It can comfortably sit on any table without toppling over due to the weight in the base.

Griffin Dual Dock for iPhone & iPad (11)

There's also a valet dish which just perfect to fit money and keys. Thankfully it hasn't got a glossy finish, like the rest of the dock or there would be a lot of scratches.

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Usually the problem with docks for the iPad and iPhone is that there isn't enough power going to the devices, causing longer charging hours. Griffin have implemented two charging stations into the dock, one for the iPad which outputs at 10 watts and one for the iPhone which outputs at 5 watts. It perfectly charges both devices at once at the rate they would be charged by Apple's official chargers. Many manufacturers are either to inconsiderate to even implement this or forget about it, because the average consumer doesn't have a clue.

The dock also completely turns off when there are no devices connected, saving energy.

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The iPad is given support in the forms of a plastic back and front plate. Usually the power connectors are no where near strong enough to hold an iPad up steady so supports are needed. The dock will easily fit the 1st generation of iPad too.

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If you regularly use a case on your phone, you'll pleasantly find that you won't need to take it off to dock your iPhone. Unless you have an extra thick case, you might be in trouble, but bumpers and other thin cases will be no problem.

Griffin Dual Powerdock Review


The Griffin dock as I said earlier, is the perfect companion for anyone who has a bedside table or cabinet. It doesn't take up too much space, can occupy your iPad, iPhone, money and keys. It's a simple product which does the job very well. The design isn't anything spectacular but no way is it ugly either. It's got a glossy finish all the way around with the valet dish having a brushed look so scratches aren't visible. At £39.95 it is pricier than most docks but with the combination to fit both the iPad and iPhone you're getting a more 2-in-1 product.

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