Diablo 3 Launch Issues That You Should Watch Out For

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Diablo 3 Launch Issues That You Should Watch Out For

One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting a sequel to a game that you've been waiting a decade for. It's almost like the most important date in your life. You dust off your PC, wear something a little nicer and flatters your physique, and you'll even wait outside in the cold for several hours just to be the first one to get your hands on it.

And then you take it back home and install it, just to find out that some douchebag named Error 315300 is stopping you from playing your game. That's exactly what's been happening with players everywhere when they got home to try and play Diablo 3. I'm pretty 90% of those who bought it shed a single tear in disbelief. Launch issues is one of the worst things that could happen when a game is shipped. Some decide to wait a week, while others are too excited and just get the game knowing the risks.

Here's a list of issues and fixes that you should definitely watch out for when diving into Diablo 3.

Joystiq reports that there is a game-breaking bug in Diablo 3  that occurs when a Templar follower swaps items that you currently have equipped. According to the Blizzard forums this results in a desynchronizing  from the Blizzard servers. If that wasn't bad enough, this is also the cause of the "timeout error 3006" which stops players from logging back in, even after they're restarted the game.

Eurogamer also reports that this issue occurred on the Demon Hunter class. Your best bet is to just not swap any items for a while.

The Verge (soon to be Polygon) encountered an error not too dissimilar from the aforementioned 3006 error. "Error 315300," is an issue that's preventing players from logging into the game. The issue apparently is caused by a subfolder in the game's ProgramData directories which gets elevated privileges, making it inaccessible for the account which installed it — even if that account is an administrator.

There is a way to fix error 315300, but it's rather time consuming and inconvenient. To rid yourself of this issue, you will have to create a new Windows user with administrator privileges. Then restart your computer and load the game with that account.

Yep, not too fun.

There are many more errors in the game that you could possibly encounter such as:

If you run into any more issues, be sure to visit the Blizzard Forums for any information and ways to fix them.