How To Automatically Tweet When a Post is Published on Wordpress

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If you're like me and publish a number of posts daily and schedule them to publish when you're not around, tweeting them out manually can be a massive hassle. The great thing about Wordpress, there's a plugin for everything, and automatically tweeting published posts is the best way to get your latest posts to your followers as quickly as possible.

There are a number of plugins which do this but after trying out many, and I mean many different plugins, I've found WP to Twitter by Joe Dolson to be the best.

It's really quick and easy to setup and has a lot of customisable features. You will of course need to make a Twitter application which is a quick and painless process.

You can have the plugin tweet when you publish a post, publish a page, update a post, update a page, post a comment or post a new link into your blogroll.

You can choose what you want in the tweet including - title of post, title of blog, excerpt of post, category of post, date of post, post url, author of post, Twitter account of person who made the post and the tags of the post.

My favourite feature is the integration of so you can easily track clicks on your links.

WP to Twitter by Joe Dolson