10 Best Cydia Tweaks for Your New Jailbroken Device

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10 Best Cydia Tweaks for Your New Jailbroken Device

So after the release of the new jailbreak for nearly every single iDevice yesterday, people were flocking to Cydia to download their tweaks. Unfortunately because of the mass amount of traffic Cydia wasn't working for hours, now it seems to be back up and running with a few hiccups here and there.

It's fitting to now recommend some great Cydia tweaks which will enhance your jailbroken device. Remember these are just a few tweaks, there thousands out there to really make use of your iDevice.

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For those who want to change the look of their iDevice, Winterboard is a must. It lets you theme the hell out of your device and really change the look of it, making it really unique compared to every other device. A theme I highly recommend is Jaku. [Note: Winterboard can affect your devices performance. I haven't noticed any performance issues on my iPhone 4S or iPad 2 though]


This is a great tweak which lets you easily and quickly change settings on your device. It lets you do things like turn on/off WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and other related stuff. Instead of having to dig through the settings app, this will let you adjust settings wherever you are in your device.


This tweak enables you to do things like activate an app or function with triple press, or shaking the device, or when you connect it to your charger. There are so many options it's crazy. Once you use it you'll understand how useful it is.

Springtomize 2

Springtomize is a tweak which lets you heavily customise things on your device which you normally wouldn't be able to do. There is a massive amount it can do ranging from slow motion UI animations to having a custom number of icons on your homescreen.


If you've ever used Android before you will know how useful it is to have notifications which are in the actual status bar, this tweak enables you to have the same kind of functionality but on your iDevice. Instead of having to go back to your homescreen or opening the notification tray to see if you have a message, an icon will show in the status bar. You can also do this for missed calls, emails and much more.


It's great that iOS has folders and you can organise your apps but one big problem with them is that you're limited to 9 apps per folder. Infinifolders enables you to have an unlimited amount of apps in a folder.


A major feature which iOS doesn't have compared to many other mobile OS' is a file manager, I mean like even Symbian enables has a file manager. iFile is a file manager for your iOS device.


If you text a lot this tweak will be highly useful for you. When looking at messages you will have noticed that a time stamp isn't put on every message so sometimes it's impossible to work out when someone has sent you a message or when you have sent one yourself. MarkThatMessage simply adds a time stamp to every message.


You may have noticed when you download apps from the AppStore you have to constantly enter your Apple ID password. This is great on security by Apple but I personally and I know others find it highly annoying. If you're the only one who uses your iDevice PasswordPilot is a great tweak which automatically enters the password for you.


Sometimes you always need quick access to that damn flashlight!

If you've got some other Cydia tweaks which you think are worth mentioning, please leave a comment below.