Web Version of Instagram - Webbygram


Web Version of Instagram - Webbygram

Easily the most annoying part of Instagram is that they do not have an official web version of their very popular photo sharing service. Well Brenden Mulligan took matters into his own hands and built probably the best and most minimal version of Instagram for the web.

Webbygram is a full features version of Instagram but for the web. The only feature missing is the ability to upload pictures from your computer. Instagram are not going to be releasing the API to that any time soon it looks like, so the only way to upload pics to Instagram is through your iPhone or Android phone.

Brenden Mulligan knew that there were many other services which replicate a web version of Instagram, such as Webstagram and Statigram. But they don't actually resemble the minimal blog like view of Instagram photos on your phone. Because you can only view one picture at a time on the phone, you're made to concentrate on it fully, this idea was replicated in Webbygram. A snippet from Brenden's blog post about Webbygram:

Several other apps have built Instagram on the web experiences, including Webstagram. Although they’ve all been interesting, none of them resemble enough of the design and product ethos that exists in the native apps.

On Webbygram you get to view photos, like them, comment on them, view people's profiles and see the most popular photos. You can't change any account settings or anything though, this you still have to do on your phone.

Web Version of Instagram - Webbygram

Brenden also set himself some rules when building the web version, such as keeping it minimal, focusing solely on the images, colours and elements should replicate the mobile version...and so on. By keeping to these rules he's been able to create a beautiful web version of Instagram which actually works very well.


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