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Uncharted Films - The Trilogy | Too Much Epicness

The Uncharted series is one of the most epic game series available right now for the PS3. The game has broken many records and won many awards. It's induced people into it's storyline and has many people saying "have you ever played Uncharted?".

Unbelievably there is now Uncharted films and they're not made by any massive company or anything, they're made by a true fan of the game. The fan put the trilogy together all by himself within a month. He went through all three games again, recording everything, then compiling it all together to make a movie. Each game has been put into its own film and it's all even been tied together to create a movie effect. The first movie is nearly 2 hours long, while the 2nd and 3rd are 3 hours long.

If you've ever played the games and loved them, you'll love these. I haven't seen all three yet but I'll probably sit down one day, get some food and watch through the entire series.

Epic amounts of kudos to the fan who put it all together.