Tweetbot for iOS Updated to 2.3, Adds Ton of New Features

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Tweetbot for iOS Updated to 2.3, Adds Ton of New Features

Tweetbot for iOS is getting updates very quickly, quicker than people can keep up with. Tapbots, the people behind Tweetbot aren't stopping at making their Twitter client the best, they're bringing regular updates aggressively and adding more and more requested features. The new version, 2.3 adds a ton of new features.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Hold down "compose" button to quickly open your last tweet draft
  • Email conversations and post links to an instantly-generated Storify page - from within conversation view, tap the action button to tweet a Storify page of the conversation, or send a fancy new email of the entire conversation. The Storify integration here is incredibly seamless.
  • New tweet detail screen - now includes tweets conversation and replies to that tweet. Swipe from right to left on a tweet to access this screen.
  • "Back" gesture in tweet detail screen - from the new tweet detail screen, swipe from left to right to return to your timeline
  • Conversation view now contains entire conversation including replies - swipe left to right on a tweet in your timeline to use this view.
  • Droplr support for image-hosting
  • Ability to stop retweets from individual users
  • Video thumbnails now display "play" icon to differentiate them from image thumbnails
  • Timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting
  • Reorganized tweet drawer (last two buttons reorganized)
  • Thumbnail support for Vimeo links inside your timeline
  • Higher resolution image uploads when over Wi-Fi
  • Tappable stock links like $AAPL function like hashtags - tapping a stock ticker name like $AAPL opens up a search in Twitter for tweets containing $AAPL.
  • Improved email formatting when sending tweets, DMs, or conversations
  • Arabic localization

With the way things are going Tapbots will just keep crushing the competition. Rumours are that a Mac version of the client may also be coming. I've already said multiple times that it's the best Twitter client for iOS and worth every penny, it puts Twitter's official client to shame.