SwiftKey 3 - Android Keyboard BETA


SwiftKey 3 - Android Keyboard BETA

SwiftKey 2.0 came out in July of last year and I loved it! SwiftKey, to put it simply, is the most accurate, personal keyboard currently available for Android devices. Word predictions are excellent and a whole host of other features set it above way above other Android keyboards, including my current favourite, the stock ICS keyboard. SwiftKey 3 brings a bunch of new features to the table, a new visual style, 'Smart Space' and an intelligent auto-correct technology that detects missed spaces - just to name a few (more features in the below videos).

Unfortunately, all of these new features seem to have had a slight performance hit (NOTE: some users have complained about lousy performance since version 2.0) on the super smart keyboard which suppresses the overall appeal of the product. Nevertheless, if you have never tried SwiftKey before, there has been no better time than now. Download the .APK below.

SwiftKey 3 Beta - Download APK

While I appreciate what SwiftKey has tried to do in showing off the intelligence of its new keyboard, the person typing on the stock ICS keyboard is clearly a complete idiot and nothing screams desperate more than bogus marketing. Nice try SwiftKey.