Speed Up Google Drive With Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

Since the launch of Google Drive early last week, users have been flocking to the free service, using it as a replacement or companion to their other cloud storage services such as Box.net or Dropbox. While keyboard shortcuts have never been the most exciting topic to discuss, they are exceptionally useful for optimising your workflow – use these wisely!


j : navigate to and highlight next item
k : navigate to and highlight previous item
x : toggle selection of highlighted item
Shift + a : select all
Shift + n : select none


g then n : go to navigation panel
g then l : go to document list
g then c : go to collections
g then d : go to details pane


o or Enter : open item
s : toggle star
. : share
z : organize

Create new

Shift + t : create a new text document
Shift + s : create a new spreadsheet
Shift + p : create a new presentation
Shift + d : create a new drawing
Shift + c : create a new collection

c : display create new menu
u : display upload menu
a : display actions menu
r : display sort menu
v : display view menu


/ : go to search box
d : toggle details pane
? : display keyboard shortcuts