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In the modern world, the Internet has become a huge part of our lives with media turning towards digital formats in their masses. While it would be hyperbolic to say that there are no forms of true, paper media, it is certainly not to say that everything is turning away from traditional media. As with books, there is something special about that feel of paper, the rustling in your hand that makes the content feel more real and reliable.

Old and New

One lovely device which is bridging the gap between new, digital media and traditional formats is Little Printer. Little Printer is a tiny, web-connected printer that connects to your phone and provides daily, magazine-like, personalised reports. It can print off puzzles, news, images, social feeds and much more. You can personalise the printing times for each publication – that’s what all of these content sources are called – so you can get a daily news update for the morning commute or over breakfast and then a puzzle at lunch and, finally, a social summary at night.

Send Letters

One very interesting feature of this miniature device is messaging. Remember that thing called posting: not posting a status or a Tweet; a letter. Little Printer brings this form of communication back to life, but with a few improvements. Not only is the communication easy, it’s also instantaneous. You can send a message from your phone to a friend’s Little Printer – just like a celebration card or a thank you note – and know they will get it straight away. This is the potential of merging new and traditional media.

Paper and Ink

One problem you may see with Little Printer is that is uses paper. One major feature of modern technology is that it aims to be eco-friendly and Little Printer doesn’t look over this. The Little Printer uses seventy-five percent recycled thermal paper meaning it needs no ink and the majority of its build-up does not damage the environment. The paper comes in roles of ten to twelve inches which will last around seventy-five days. So, keep seventy-five in your head and stay eco-friendly.

Use Your Phone

As you may be able to see, the Little Printer itself doesn’t seem to have much of an interface, just a happy cartoon with a comb-over. The reason for this is that you don’t interact with Little Printer content on the printer – you use your phone. Our phones are quickly becoming the centres of out digital lives. They are the device that keeps us connected to the Internet on-the-go. Your phone keeps you connected to your Little Printer on-the-go too. The Little Printer app is the focus of interaction. All settings and publications are managed there and are attached to an account which controls your Little Printer. This allows interaction with your Little Printer to be easily picked up – you know how to use your phone, right? If this isn’t for you, you can always access your account in any web browser but, for some reason,  mobile seems more attractive.


Get One

So, if your looking for a new way to experience digital media and long for that near long forgotten feel of crisp paper, you should keep an eye on Little Printer. The printer will be released in 2012 – that’s all we know so far. You can find out everything you need to know on the Little Printer website:

Little Printer by BERG Cloud

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