Pocket for Android & iOS | Formerly Known As Read It Later


Pocket for Android & iOS | Formerly Known As Read It Later

If you're a heavy reader on your phone or tablet you will definitely have heard of Read It Later. The company behind it have rebranded and relaunched, calling it simply "Pocket".

All the features from Read It Later are still there, and other apps which use the service still work. But the developers realised that people weren't just saving articles to read later, they were saving all types of media too. The name "Read It Later" didn't relate anymore, so the rebranding has a meaning behind it.

The app has been completely redesigned. It's a lot more minimal and you get big bold titles with images representing content you've saved. You can sort content between articles, videos and images so it's easy to find the stuff you're looking for.

I've got to say the new app is very impressive and a lot more easier to use. The new design is fantastic, especially on tablets because you get a neat magazine style layout.

I actually use the app to save content which I can use for UltraLinx. Such as tutorials, inspiration and news. It's a great way for me to go back to stuff I want to use later and is easily one of the best tools a blogger could have.

Another thing, it's now completely free. You had to pay for the official Read It Later app to access all the features.

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