HTC One X & One S Reviews


HTC One X & One S Reviews

Because HTC obviously send out review products to the major tech publications first, we're going to be waiting a while till we get hold of a review unit.

However that doesn't mean we can't share reviews of the phones from around the web with you guys.

From what I've read so far, there has been a lot of positives coming from the HTC One X. It looks like HTC are coming back into the game after a terrible year last year. Most reviews talked about how amazing the screen is on the device, even better than the infamous Galaxy Nexus. The camera has also been getting many thumbs up, but many still are saying the iPhone 4S is better. I personally love the design of the One X and the One S. HTC haven't copied any other designs, they've come up with something original and made their new devices look absolutely gorgeous, even if it at the expensive of having no MicroSD card slot or a removable battery.

If you're considering purchasing a HTC One X or One S I recommend reading through all the reviews below (yes there are many) so you can get an overall understand of the phone and what people think. There will always be biased opinions, but that's the point. These days there is no best phone, a lot of it comes down to preference.

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