Becoming an Ubuntu User


How to Install Ubuntu in Just a Few Clicks


A few days ago, Windows 8 was released to the interested public of the internet in the form of a consumer preview. When I tried to boot into the new OS, I had a few difficulties, but had installed an extra partition on my hard drive, so I decided to make use of it rather than reverting to Windows 7. I had used Ubuntu 10 several months ago - this period was quickly followed by my laptop crashing and burning and then by me trying frantically to reinstall Windows - and I really enjoyed it. But what did I like?

1. Speed

One thing I do love about Ubuntu is how fast it is. While this is partially down to it being freshly installed, I have a feeling that it is also down to the simplicity of the OS. Because Ubuntu is Linus-based, it isn't slowed down by the whole Windows shenanigan. It manages to power through all tasks, handling the multi-tasking I require with ease.

2. Simplicity

Once you get set up, Ubuntu is one of the simplest OSs there is. It has an app store - the Software Centre - which you can use to find programs, themes and tweaks for your PC. This puts the days of searching on-line for programs, finding the latest version, finding the right download link, and installing are long gone. Don't worry though, Ubuntu doesn't limit the number of programs you can install as you can add various different repositories.

3. Customisation

With Windows and Mac PCs, it can be difficult to customise the design of your desktop. There is no such problem with Ubuntu. In the Software Centre, there are is an entire section dedicated to themes. This means you can choose exactly what your experience is like, and with a little work, you can make your PC look as good as - if not better than - OS X.


When I used Ubuntu previously, I dual booted it alongside Windows 7. I ran it on a second partition and this worked very well - until the great crash! Well, my laptop was repaired shortly after it stopped booting, and I returned to Windows. Now I am dual booting it with Windows 7 once more, and, despite a few problems with wireless networking which I've now sorted and some trouble booting which seemed to randomly repaired itself, I am loving the new OS. I will continue to use Windows for more memory intensive tasks - and things I'm just used to using Windows for - but for browsing the web and using web apps in general, I will be using Ubuntu from now on - assuming my laptop decides not to die.

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