The Sad State of Social Media Privacy | Infographic

Privacy is easily the biggest issue over social media. People either put too much personal information on their profiles, or don’t know how to protect their profiles well enough.

Some rules I always keep when creating social media profiles:

  • Never put down your full address. Unless you are only connected with family and close friends, putting your full address down is a bad idea.
  • Never express any personal feelings or problems on social networks, unless you’re doing it anonymously. You just never know when someone could use it against you.
  • Closely monitor who you add on your social profiles.
  • Examine the privacy settings properly when using social profiles like Facebook. You may think you’re protected, but there are so many options that you could easily choose the wrong settings
  • Trust no one over social media with very sensitive information. I’ve heard of many horrific stories of people giving credit card details and passwords – probably the worst thing you could do.

The tips above are basically common sense but sometimes you just have to be reminded about them.

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