How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Site

I’ve said time and time again in my past posts about Pinterest, it’s the hottest and one of the most viral social networks out there at the moment. If you aren’t on there and would like an invite, just leave a comment with your email below, or send me a message on Facebook, or tweet it to me on Twitter. You can follow me on Pinterest here – UltraLinx’s Pinterest.

Studies have shown that Pinterest is a bigger traffic driver than Google+, even though Google+ has a lot more registered members. It’s mainly because Pinterest users are a lot more engaged. It’s easy to find content because everything is sorted into categories and you can search for content with the search bar. You can follow users, or just follow one or two of their boards, boards you’re interested in.

How to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest

1. The first thing every Pinterest user should do is create boards. Creating boards is super simple and they are literally categories for your pins.

Here are my boards and you can see I have named them straight to the point. Your boards don’t have to be as broad as mine, you can make them even more specific – for example, creating boards for just infographics, or just typography.

After creating a board one very important thing you must do is put them into categories which Pinterest has. This so when people click on a Pinterest category at the top, for example “Technology”, stuff you’ve posted in your boards will show up in that section – instantly in front of thousands of people.

2. Now on to how you should pin. When pinning content from your site, make it relevant and interesting. Always put in a caption. Make that caption the title of the post of what you’re pinning, an excerpt of the post, or something completely made up which will catch the reader’s attention. However, do not give away the whole story of the post in the caption, people are less likely to click-through then because they’ve found out the information they needed.

After putting a caption, put a simple “click here to find out more” line underneath. People like to be told what to do so putting a call to action will produce better results.

3. You can pin whatever you like, Pinterest has no limits, but I’ve found that certain types of content get more attention than others. Content such as tutorials, tips, tricks, inspirational pictures or quotes, infographics, recipes, top 10 lists and other content like that get a hell of a lot of attention.

We post a lot of infographics on UltraLinx and because you can’t see them in full view on Pinterest, people will click-through to see them properly. If they like it, they’ll then repin it. Our infographics get a lot of traffic purely because of Pinterest.

4. Add the Pin It button to your site. Every site should do this. Put it along with your Facebook like and Twitter tweet buttons. Sometimes people need to be reminded to do things, so putting a Pin It button will make them work out if it’s worth pinning or not. Also it makes pinning things a lot easier for people who hate using bookmarklets, like myself.

Those are probably the main tips you need to know about Pinterest. Knowing them can be very beneficial in your social media marketing scheme and can drive more traffic than you expect to your site. I have only around 50 followers on Pinterest, it comes higher than Google+ in my traffic referrers even though I have over 900 followers on my personal Google+ profile, and over 600 on the UltraLinx page.

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