Jellyfish Tank For Your Desk

I’ve always been a fan of jellyfish. I do like fish, but jellyfish are a lot more fascinating and interesting. The way they move and the way they float in the water is beautiful, almost sci-fi like. The only problem with Jellyfish is that they are bloody expensive and deadly. They couldn’t be put into normal fish tanks either because they would easily be sucked up by the filtration system. Alex Andon, a student, came up with a new type of tank which is suitable for both jellyfish and normal fish, all into a small package. The jellyfish you get for this tank are also small enough to fit perfectly into the tank, and they’re completely harmless. The tank is small enough to fit on large desks or table tops, so you can pimp out your workspace. The package  is $499, that’s cheaper than most other deals. And you get all the equipment, three jellyfishes and six months worth of food.

Desktop Jellyfish Tank Package

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